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RAHBC Rules for private boat owners (incl sailing boats)


Boat owner must: 

  • Register their boat with the Port Authority (arranged via the RAHRC Front Office)

  • Arrange insurance (at least third party, best done through the RAHRC Admin Office)

  • Contact the respective RAHBC Committee Member for parking/rack allocation 

Private Boats that do not satisfy above conditions for a period of more than three months can be confiscated by RAHRC/RAHBC for club use. RAHRC/RAHBC does not accept any responsibility for damage that might occur to private boats.

Rules for taking out a sailing boat (Private or Club including windsurfers)

  • Note and follow the Sailing Competencies Rules and Cat/Laser/Laser-2000 Checklists

  • Any sailor that goes out on a sailing boat MUST be in possession of a helms-ticket valid for the type of boat he is using: Monohull (e.g.: Laser 2000), Catamaran or Laser. 
    See the current list of people with a valid helm ticket & examiners. Examiners can be contacted to obtain a helms ticket.

  • The helm of a sailing boat must place his helms-ticket on the board in the winch room. The boatsman shall check the validity for boat type and weather conditions.

  • Stay within sight between the Ras Al Hamra beach and Fahal island, unless agreed otherwise in advance with the Boatsman. 

  • A LIFE JACKET IS MANDATORY at all times for all on the boat (this specifically also applies to windsurfers)

Rules for taking out a club sailing boat

Club Sailing Boats (Hobie-Cat, Laser , Laser-2000, Topper, Optimist, Windsurfers) are available to any member of RAHRC/RAHBC, with a valid helm-ticket for that class of boat, on a first come first serve basis.  During events such as races and training, the OOD or Trainer determines the assignment of Club boats and in his/her absence the relevant Sailing Captain, Commodore or Boatsman. 

To take out a Club boat, the rules above apply with the addition of:

  • Sign in the log book

  • Where the helm is a child under the age of 16, entry must be made by the child's parent or supervisor, who should be a full member or associate member of RAHRC/RAHBC. 

  • Rig the boat and get permission from the Boatman to launch it.

  • A maximum of two children or one adult and one child is permitted on a Club Laser.

  • Upon return, thoroughly clean the boat and sails with fresh water. De-rig and return the sails, dry and gently folded.

  • Sign out in the log book and note any damage/repairs to the boat and inform the Boatsman


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